Real Girl Review: Becca x Chrissy Teigen Pallette


Hey guys! And welcome to my newest post series here on the blog- Real Girl Reviews. I’m going to be trying out products that any woman (or dude!) could be interested in and giving my opinion on if it is worth your money!

The “real girl” part of it comes from being in my late 20s and on a small budget.  You had better believe that a product has to look good on skin that isn’t 18 anymore and be good value to get the nod of approval from me.  Sometimes I feel opinions unconstrained by budget just aren’t as exacting as those that are.


The first product up is from one  of my favorite humans ever- Chrissy Teigen’s Becca collaboration. While I am totally biased because I love all things Chrissy Teigen, I feel this particular pallette is worth the buy on two fronts:

  1. This pallette offers pretty much everything you need for eyes and cheeks for the summer. It’s perfect for travelling, weekending, or being the “one” product you keep out for day-to-day use. While Rose Gold is too dark for a highlight on me since I’m so pale, it looks gorgeous applied to your eyes, as does Beach Nectar if you have a more dark skintone. The bronzer is perfect for a variety of skin tones and gorgeous as a crease color. Hibiscus Bloom is a universally flattering shade, looking just a pretty on my sister’s yellow-based skintone as it does on my alabaster skin. It’s a great “all-rounder” pallette that will appeal to many users.
  2. The “math” works on this pallette if you’ve been hoping to try out some Becca products. Essentially, by volume the product amounts offered in this pallette are at a 38% discount to their regular costing as individual items. The costing is below but the main point is that the pallette is more than “reasonably” priced, the products themselves are actually offered at a discount.

I’m in love with this pallette. I think it’s a great buy and beautiful products, and I love Chrissy Teigen so it’s like a win-win-win!

Regular Becca Products Costing:

46$ for a shimmering skin perfector, 8.5ml or $5.41 per ml

46$ for a bronzer, 7.1gr or $6.48 per ml

$41 for a luminous blush, 6.21ml ounces or $6.61 per ml

Becca x Chrissy Pallette:

Total Cost: $54 Canadian

Total Value (by comparative amounts): $86.59

5.1 g of Shimmering Skin Perfector in Rose Gold ($27.59 Value)

5.1 g of Shimmering Skin Perfector in Beach Nectar ($27.59 Value)

2.4 g of Luminous Blush in Hibiscus Bloom ($15.86 Value)

2.4 g of Sunlit Bronzer in Malibu Soleil ($15.55 Value)


Do you have a favorite luxury item you’ve purchased recently that is an awesome product and good value? I’d love to hear about it! Also, please let me know if you like this series by liking it or sharing it with your friends, it helps me know what type of content you guys want to see the most.

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