Affordable Christmas: Gifts under $30

Tis the season for gatherings, right? Usually I love to bring a hostess a gift from the kitchen, something to make their life easier in the days after they're nice enough to host me at their place, but sometimes a gift from the kitchen just isn't as appropriate (or you're just out of time!) and a bought gift will have to be the way to go. When situations like that turn up, I try to focus on things that are super affordable and readily usable. Things like barware, festive napkins, hot chocolate assortments, or artisan food items are affordable go-to's that are a small enough gift to not break the bank, but personal enough to wrap up one or two items and have your host or hostess feel special.

Saving Fresh Herbs

Hey guys! Since summer is over here in Edmonton, and it's been snowing/trying to snow the past while, I thought now would be a good time to share a couple of easy ways to save fresh, delicious herbs to enjoy throughout the winter before you can't find them as easily at markets and the grocery [...]