About Gabby 



I’m a single professional in good ol’ Edmonton, Alberta (yep, Canada). My former fiance and I were in the process of buying our first home when we broke up, and since I was the cashflow behind the purchase… let’s just say he’s gone, but the house isn’t. In reality, I also dropped everything in my mid-twenties to go back to school to complete my finance degree. After I left my very stable job with a bank I sold belongings, commuted out my pension, lived with my parents (probably a bit too long) worked several part time jobs and took out student loans to make my dream of having a degree come true. Following your dreams sometimes comes with a price like that, so I’m no newbie to frugal living tips and making tougher financial decisions.

I used to work in a highly regulated industry, so I admit that work wasn’t something that I talked about on my blog very often. Now that my position was eliminated and I’m working at a local post-secondary institution, I’m free to talk about whatever I like (within reason, but it was pretty restrictive and I always lived in a bit of fear that the powers that be would find something wrong with what I’d written). But my career path in finance and this blog are actually born out of the same love of helping people live their dreams and feel confident financially. That’s something I get to share now!


I want to create a space for people to come on in and see a lifestyle blog that isn’t Louboutin’s and fancy trips in clothes the average person just can’t afford (or maybe shouldn’t prioritize buying). I want people to take some support in knowing that just because they’re living on a budget it doesn’t mean they’re not living well- and they’re not alone. Being of limited financial means can be isolating and it’s easy to feel like there’s no hope. But there is, and I wanted to create a place where people can see someone living well with less and learn some tricks for how they can, too.

Please leave a comment or tweet to @thebrokebloggr if you ever have a comment, question or post request! I really want to get to know who is reading this blog. There’s this concept in the financial world… I won’t get into it too much but basically it says the crowd is always wiser than any individual. Let’s be a crowd together.

Other Adventures:

You may recognize me as the chick behind of GxIII Digital Strategy and Design. Let’s work together!

2 thoughts on “About Gabby 

  1. Thank you for commenting, I’m so happy to find your blog! Money is so touchy and I feel the same, one doesn’t have to live flashy to live well. Excited to dig through the archives and get to know you more 🙂


    1. Thank you, Elle! Money is so touchy, you’re right, but I hope I can help inspire people to live well with less. Great to hear from you ❤


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