Heathered Grey

Hey guys! If you're searching for some casual outfit inspiration for NYE still, you've found your place! If you are looking for something a bit more fancy for an upcoming event at an affordable price, I've included a bunch of options under $150 below as well. These photos were obviously shot a while ago, but [...]

Guys Christmas Gift Guide

I wanted to share a gift guide for what to get your man this holiday season, and this is actually my last "gift guide" in so much as the next one is actually a gift-making guide for gifts from the kitchen! Anyhow, I think these are great ideas for any guy, though! For the guys in my life, I love to get them things that I know they wouldn't go out and shop for themselves.

Affordable Christmas: Gifts under $30

Tis the season for gatherings, right? Usually I love to bring a hostess a gift from the kitchen, something to make their life easier in the days after they're nice enough to host me at their place, but sometimes a gift from the kitchen just isn't as appropriate (or you're just out of time!) and a bought gift will have to be the way to go. When situations like that turn up, I try to focus on things that are super affordable and readily usable. Things like barware, festive napkins, hot chocolate assortments, or artisan food items are affordable go-to's that are a small enough gift to not break the bank, but personal enough to wrap up one or two items and have your host or hostess feel special.