Affordable Fall Boots

Hey Guys!

Last year I did an affordable boots post, and people really seemed to like it so I thought I’d get on things a bit earlier this year while there’s still time and stock! All of these options are linked, and are $150 or less.

Now, I don’t know about you guys but I don’t have a load of money to spend on boots, but they just aren’t optional here. So, you won’t see any cutesy boots with open toes or laser cut details. Where I live, it’s actually cold and these types of boots need to carry me through the winter (I have some ultra cold weather boots, for when it’s -20 and below, but they’re not so cute).

So, depending on what type of day it is, I’ll wear a different boot. I am lucky that I have a space at work just for me, so I keep office shoes under my desk. Most days in the fall and winter, I have been wearing my duck boots (I’ve linked a similar pair)  because they’re so nice for a commuter that can deal with the dirty, wet and grungy every day. These are my more “practical” picks:

[Ralph Lauren Riding Boot] [Sperry ‘Saltwater’ Duck Boot] [Toms ‘Deia’ Block Heel Bootie]

If you can only afford one pair of boots for the season, I’d honestly recommend an affordable riding boot. The duck boots are my favorite, but at the end of the day a riding boot will carry you through so many situations.

Next, these are what I’d call the “nice to have” second pair of boots that are pretty, but still practical because you could walk several blocks in them. I also keep my more practical boots to black or darker brown- this category is where it’s ok to delve into a pretty caramel, a punchy bordeaux or a less expected neutral like cream or grey. I have a couple pairs of “nice to have” boots, they’re a mid-heel and usually in a nice faux suede or leather. Always confirm they’re not leather soled, as those are not only cold to wear, but slippery. I recommend spraying even faux suede with a sealant every season to keep it from absorbing stains when you’re out and about walking. I also water seal mine using a Reebok waterproofing spray, but that’s up to you. I walk a lot so my shoes see a lot.

[Flynn Wrap Around Bootie] [Toms Desert Platform Wedge Bootie] [Sole Society ‘Lyriq’ Bootie]

The last section is all about the shoes we love to drool over. Over the knee suede, pearl detailing, and too-high heels. These are the shoes I’d pick if I had a bunch of special occasions coming up, but never for day-to-day. I can honestly say that I don’t have any boots in this category anymore! But if I had disposable cash to go towards some fun boots that aren’t practical, here’s what they’d look like:

[Nine West Argyle Bootie] [Steve Madden Yvette Bootie] [Urban Outfitters ‘Samantha’ Boot]


Do you have a boot you just can’t live without, or have been coveting? Let me know in the comments section!

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