No Champagne, No Gain




Hey guys!

I told you this was coming. I warned you, even! My love for this “No Champagne No Gain” sweater by Brunette the Label knows no bounds (Canadian friends can buy it directly from Brunette the Label for more affordable prices here).

I may be wearing it right now.

Brunette the Label is a Canadian Brand based in Vancouver that I mentioned in my February 2017 Favorites post, and they’re also the creators of the hilarious “Fries Before Guys” sweatshirt you saw on Jillian Harris here. Don’t even get me started about Jillian Harris, either, because I love her, too. They make t-shirts, sweaters, jogger pants, hats, water bottles and mugs and all are emblazoned with cheeky, funny messages that are perfect for a day lounging on the couch or running errands. Which is exactly what I love to do in my sweater! Notice how that was basically code for, if I’m not at work, I’m wearing my sweater?

Now, before people get mad- these are not $20 sweaters. But they are great quality, extremely soft, well made and printed in Canada. Mine has been washed 20+ times and is still as black and fuzzy as the day I got it. Brunette the Label contributes to the Canadian economy which I am proud to support. I’d rather buy one sweater from these girlbosses than three cheaply made sweaters that someone (potentially literally) slaved over in an underdeveloped country and support a big brand.

Two items I’m totally coveting:

The "Awesome" Water Bottle

The "Boss Babe" Crew | BLACK

What do you love to wear while lounging or running errands? Do you have a favorite Canadian company (or local company, if you’re not Canadian)? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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