Current Favorites

Hi Guys!

I’m back with another favorites post, this time talking about some of the items I loved through January and February.

Rockstar 24/7 Jeans for Women • Old Navy •  in Black – These are the jeans I replaced my black Walmart jeggings with after I wore them into death. I’m working on repairing them, and also a video/post combo about 5 different ways to style a $40 pair of black jeans!

Driving Loafers for Women • Old Navy •  – I love these shoes. I think I said eighty times in the video how comfortable they are. My chiropractor would probably be unimpressed with the lack of support, so maybe don’t go walking 5km in them like I have, but they are a good shoe with a slip-proof sole which I really appreciate.

Luxe Studs •  – These studs were a sweet Christmas gift from little Sylvie and I’m in love with them! They are almost color-shifting, sometimes appearing grey, blue, white or purple, depending on what I’m wearing. They’re super versatile! I have these luxe studs in the rose color as well but I’ve been so pre-occupied wearing these that I haven’t busted them out yet.

BECCA Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation • Becca •   – This foundation gives a really gorgeous finish and is one of VERY few that doesn’t flake off my dry skin by midday.

Life Plankton Sensitive Balm – I was gifted this moisturizer in the form of eight bazillion samples by my sister and I can’t explain how much I appreciate it. It’s hydrating enough that I can put on a thin layer and I still have hydrated skin in the morning. You seriously can’t go wrong with the entire Life Plankton line though- I love the essence and the mask as well.

Frixion Marker Pens (Erasable) – Such a weird favorite but I love these marker pens for color coding data-heavy projects and invoices at work. Personally, I like to color code my agenda as well! These are perfect because if I screw up, I haven’t ruined everything- I can just erase it and fix it.

Samantha Ravndahl – InstagramYoutube – Sam is a super talented Canadian Youtuber, Vlogger and makeup artist. Recently she posted a Get Ready With Me style video where she shared about some personal struggles she’s been having with her depression and how it has effected her work and life. I feel like people sharing so publicly is important to supporting a culture where it’s OK to talk about where you’re at and how you’re doing, which is ultimately what all of us need to do sometimes. I seriously think Sam is amazing for being so honest and transparent, plus she’s hilarious. I hope you check her out!

And that’s it! What have you been loving so far this year?

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