Favorite Fall Nail Colors



Today I wanted to talk about how I update my manicure for fall. Generally, I just can’t do seasonal dressing because I find it incredibly expensive, so my clothes are just varying weights of the same things. I wear mostly neutrals, a ton of black and the occasional hit of blush pink (is this officially a neutral yet?). This helps me keep my wardrobe classic and easy to mix and match, which helps when you don’t have a ton of money to create specific “outfits” with individual pieces. Plus, I can basically get dressed in the dark, which for about 10 months of the year it is dark as dark can get outside when I’m getting ready for work.
Because of this extremely neutral, somewhat basic (but in a good way!) wardrobe I have, I like to add seasonality with accessories, outerwear and my mani-pedi! I love dark, dark colors for fall and winter but I also appreciate more muted neutrals and dustier colors when I’m not feeling the dark.So without further ado, here are my favorite fall nail polishes:
I love this shade because it’s a pinky-nude that isn’t too pale for the fall and winter, but not so dark that it’s distracting. This is my go-to shade for when I need something that will be appropriate no matter what, from work to an event.
This shade is a go-to for me for fall because I love a true pink, but anything too bright looks off to me in the fall and winter. This muted shade is perfect for getting that hit of pink
Essie Devil’s Advocate (Dupe: OPI Linkin Park After Dark)
Here we are with a couple of dark colors. Essie Devil’s Advocate is my favorite because it is incredibly affordable, but currently it is sold out. An awesome dupe is OPI Linkin Park After Dark, but be ready to shell out a few more dollars for the bottle.
I hope this gives you a couple of ideas for fall nail polishes that are a bit different, and also a bit cliche! What are your favorite colors for fall?

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