How I spent $510 to Furnish and Decorate my Dining Room



Hi Guys!

It has been forever since I posted my last affordable home post! How I Spent $660 to Furnish and Decorate my Living Room was one of my most popular posts in 2016 and 2017, so I’m not sure why I haven’t done another since clearly people enjoy these posts!


Again, let’s start with what I actually bought in this space: my walnut bar stools ($50 each, local store), my 4 black dining chairs ($60 each, local store), my mirror ($110, Costco), mirrored tray (~$35, Homesense, old) and my sea surf picture ($25, Superstore, old). This brings us to a total of $510 that I spent on the space.

So, that obviously means a lot of items were free! My kitchen table was from my parent’s old study and was sitting unused in my dad’s loft. It was originally from Ikea and had a blond lacquered wood top… not really my style. So, my dad helped (read: did for me) me strip the laquer off the top and then I stained it in a more complementary color to the rest of my furniture.


Likewise, my bar cabinet was free from my former roomie- it was blond wood on top and forest green lower- not my style, really. It took half of my life to get the green sanded off by hand because of how the stand is built, and then my dad did the top with a belt sander. Glossy black paint went on the bottom and then the same stain from my table was applied to the top of it to keep things consistent.


The last item that was reworked is the bench you see at my table. This was a gift from my mum- she had had it for decades and it as originally a beige tweed seat with gold frame. It was ready for a refresh, so my dad spray painted the frame matte black and my mum had this black fabric (it’s a velvety corduroy) that she gave me to re-upholster the seat. It’s perfect for my space and allows two people to sit on that side of the table.IMG_0267IMG_0279IMG_0290

The armoire you see was in my bedroom prior to moving into this house- my room is much smaller than it was at my parent’s so it didn’t fit in my bedroom, but it looks perfect down here. I keep loads of my bar implements, all my tea towels etc, and things like spare batteries and light bulbs in it. On top of it you’ll see my wine stand my dad made, as well as the beer bottle caddy he made. These are handy for tweedling down to my front patio for a cool drink on a hot day!

And that is it! It’s not a terribly fancy space and it’s not styled in these pictures- I wanted to give an idea of what the space looks like from day-to-day. I always notice that when people share their spaces they’re staged for a dinner party with fancy china and 200$ worth of flowers on the table- which is an unrealistic expectation for the average home owner on the everyday. I know it’s less “#instagoals” but I’d rather be real with you!

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