Life Lately #4- Jazz, Fun Activities and Christmas

Hi Guys!

Happy Friday! Today felt like a great day to do a Life Lately post since so much has happened in the past seven weeks.


Firstly, I chopped my hair off in late November and it’s been super fun playing with it shorter. I waffle on keeping it this length versus growing it back out, but my general dislike of my hair touching me will probably lead to me growing it back out eventually- I just love how fun short hair is.



Next item, I hosted a super fun “Friendsgiving”/Holiday Dinner with some of my friends and it was great to all hang out together! That night I also discovered a water issue in my garage that set into motion a BUNCH of things that sort of took over December, but thank God for good friends and especially my dad, who helped me troubleshoot and clean up what was going on. My friends also helped me put my Christmas tree up, but to be totally honest… it never got finished this year and was taken down pretty much right after New Year’s.


Mid-December brought sweet Jazz’s surgery. She had a large growth on her back that was always suspected to be fat, but since it had been growing our vet Dr. Cecilia thought it’d be wise to have it out. When the structure of the mass didn’t look right, she advised that it should be sent out for cystology to confirm what it was and it was a type of non-metastatic cancer (AKA- non-spready). Jazz obviously had a large incision and several stitches, which she just got out after Christmas. She had to wear jammies to keep the other dogs from investigating. She’s doing great and took the whole thing like a champ, other than getting yelled at a bit for trying to play with the puppy. Mum and dad have been taking her for regular checkups but she’s been very healthy ever since.


In early December, I took a tumble in my house and wound up in the urgent care after I smashed my arm. I then ended up getting what felt like eighty x-rays after going to see my chiropractor because it was still causing issue a week later. Seriously, I couldn’t open a white board marker or a door without pain and tingling in my hand. Long story short, it was a bone bruise (I literally have a dent in my arm in a couple spots- I fell into a rubbermaid container) and there was nothing but the RICE method to do for it. I hate the RICE method and having your arm wrapped in a tensor under a bulky sweater then jammed into a winter coat because it’s minus eight million isn’t the easiest. But, my arm is feeling mostly better, only crackling periodically now and I can easily pick Sylvie up with it (priorities).


On December 17th we went to watch Team Canada square off against Team USA in pre-Olympic women’s hockey. It was SUCH a good game, close the whole way through, but our girls won! It was so fun to go with my mom, dad and sister to see a game like that together. I’m excited to watch the team in the Olympics now!




It was obviously Sylvie’s first Christmas and she was spoiled just like Jazz and Whiskey. The “pack” loved being together for days on end snuggling and playing. Finally, Whiskey and Sylvie have developed a bit of a friendship and played a few times over the holiday break.

I was also spoiled over Christmas and received so many sweet gifts from my family. My sister got me the coolest dish to make microwave popcorn in, you seriously just put popping corn in it and it’s oil-free magic, as well as nice fleecy reading socks and a movie to watch. The prescription for some pretty perfect nights!IMG_20171227_133320 My parents were way, way too generous and not only got me a proper camera (did you know all of my pictures and videos before were shot on my Samsung smart phone? I kind of hope you didn’t… lol) but also a mixer!

For a snapshot of the holidays check out:

Well that’s about it! I’d love to hear about what you guys were up to during the holiday months!

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