Gifts from 2017


Hey guys!

I love a “New Years Resolution” post as much as anyone else, but this year I wanted to share the things I’m grateful for, rather than just what I’m striving for. This time last year I was honestly in a fog- having lost a job, lost a family member, started a new job and feeling all of the struggles of life we can all relate to each other regarding. I feel like I spent too much time thinking about what I wanted 2017 to be, and not enough time reflecting on the good in 2016.

So here are five things I loved about 2017 that I’m grateful for as we kick start 2018.

Time with Family

2017 was an awesome year for spending time with my family. Up until July I was working half-time, so my afternoons were often spent with my mum, and as the summer wore on the entire family was at my sister’s a lot working on her landscaping, and then cooling down in the gazebo at mum and dad’s. Loads of weekends were spent hanging out, making meals, having morning tea/coffee together and just being together. Life can regrettably be short, or made to feel short, and being able to prioritize being with my family this past year has been amazing.

Working Somewhere I Love

I know a lot of people don’t experience this, and I know loads of my coworkers would laugh to see this. I’m not saying I love every day at my job, or every task, or anything like that. Nobody can say that every day! But I love where I work- I truly believe we’re doing the right stuff for our stakeholders and for the world we live in. Being able to say that today is the best feeling after years of wearing suits I hated and doing work I was unconvinced even mattered at times.

Puppies to Love

This will seem pedestrian to some people, but those who know me know just how hard I love on the family dogs. 2017 was tough on the doggos, with both Whiskey AND Jazz having surgery (more on Jazz in an upcoming Life Lately). Both are much better and doing great, and sweet Sylvie was added to the pack and is such a ray of sunshine. I miss the pups so much when it’s time to go home for the workweek, and I feel so so so lucky that I can visit them as often as I do.

Professional Growth

In the past year I’ve gone from part-time contract to full-time contract, to full-time permanent and teaching at my main employment. I get to do work where occasionally my strengths get to shine and are appreciated by my colleagues. At 28 I got the opportunity to teach at my alma mater. I launched a profitable business (it runs in the black, so even if only because my overhead is low, I get to say this!). I started earning income from this little website, and by the same logic I can say it’s profitable as well! I’ve made strides in 2017 and while sometimes I struggle to see them, I’m doing pretty well when I compare where I am today, to where I was one or two years ago. I now how so many more opportunities available to me than I ever could have dreamed of then.

Friends to Rely On

In the past, I’ve had friends that I knew because of school or work and those friendships fizzled out despite good intentions when the convenience factor dissipated. This past year, I’ve gotten to spend time (often less than I’d like!) with friends who I’d consider the type of friends you can count on when the shit hits the fan in life. The type that will be there, whether you need a hand or a shoulder to cry on- or someone to celebrate life with. We’ve done both a lot in the past year and these friends have supported me and been there for me when I couldn’t afford to go out and do fun things with them or haven’t been inclined because of wanting to put effort into other areas of life. They’ve understood and I’m grateful. I’m also lucky to say that in the past year my sister and I have been spending more time together than ever as adults and it’s been so nice. To be able to call a sibling one of your best friends in the whole world is just the best. My sister gets me in a way that most don’t and is my sounding board, wine drinking buddy, TV watching date, business adviser, snack sharer, shopping partner and so much more.

About 2018…

Of course, like anyone else, I have hopes and dreams for 2018! Financial stability is still a huge item for me- despite the strides I’ve made professionally, I wouldn’t exactly say I’m running in the black in my personal finances. This year is going to be one where I am working to increase my overall income through various sources. I realized late in 2017 that the time I spend worrying about lack of money could instead be used to make additional money! While no one really “wants” to work full time +++, I also don’t want to constantly be worrying about money or relying on a helping hand all of the time. The stress and how it effects a sense of self esteem is something I underestimated in the past, and I’d rather be more tired and less stressed instead.

I have small goals in the areas of fitness, organization and family projects (more back yard work!). Hopefully I’ll be able to share these with you as I progress!

Everything else aside, I want to say thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this website, follow my social channels, and interact with me. The opportunity to continue working and creating content and having people see it is a privilege I’m grateful for and I look forward to bringing quality content in 2018.

What are you grateful for from 2017? Do you have goals for 2018? Let me know!

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