Life Lately No. 1

Hey guys!


I wanted to start something new where I can kind of “round up” all of the little things from the past little while that maybe didn’t make it to the blog as a full post, but are fun none-the-less.

Last week I had Monday off (as part of an extended Canada Day break from work), and then I went back to work FULL TIME! I’ve been working part time and love my job, and as of last Tuesday, I’m a full time member of the team.


It’s been swelteringly hot in Edmonton the past week or so, so I’ve been hiding in my parent’s basement and neglecting my own house. It needs cleaned and aired out! But, I’m taking care of a friend’s dog this week so we’ll see how much gets done! But the past week has been hiding out at mom and dad’s and enjoying the gazebo with the puppies.


This weekend, my dad went full beast and between the four of us (but mostly him!) the garden was weeded. It looks SO good. I’ll be doing a “what’s in season” post soon with some ideas of items you can still grow in a container and enjoy this summer.


I tried out another gel-like polish, a Real Girl Review will be coming soon… I have to say, this one was MUCH better!


We tried roasting radishes this weekend, and they’re SO good! My mom put them in a foil packet on the BBQ with olive oil, salt and pepper.


Also on the list of things being tried out, I’ve been trying to concoct a good jalapeno lime margarita. This version may look pretty, but it wasn’t the best. I’ll post the recipe when it’s perfected (such a hardship, doing these things… lol).


For the first time ever… I wore shorts to work. On casual Friday I wore knee length bright khaki shorts with my favorite sandals. I can’t believe this is real life haha. I’m a long way from suit-jacket-or-bust these days!

What was last week like for you? I’d love to hear about your Monday!

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