New Homeowner Gift Guide

Hey guys! It’s that time of year… everyone is buying a new house or getting into their first home! I find my friends that are renting prefer to make moves in the summer too, since winter can be a much messier time to move here in Edmonton. That really just results in a load of housewarmings and “new place barbeques” where bringing a small gift is often somewhat expected.

I’ll be honest. My go-to gift for a new home or new marriage is usually a bottle of wine and a kitchen fire extinguisher. Two things every house needs, right? But sometimes it’s fun to think outside the box and grab a friend something practical or beautiful to make their new space a little easier, or homier. Life is always so expensive right after you’ve moved or bought a new home, and a thoughtful gift that is totally frivolous is always nice when you can’t afford to make frivolous purchases.


Under $25

A nice assortment of throw pillows, ice buckets, and adorable coasters that are cute and thoughtful without breaking the bank!


[Live Your Dream Napkins] [Blue Coasters] [White Knit Pillow] [Marble and Gold Coasters] [Rose Gold Ice Bucket] [White Ruffle Pillow] [Glass Champagne Bucket] [Chillin with my Beaches Napkins] [more]


Under $50

Pretty highball glasses, a nice bowl for snack mix, cheeky (or cute!) doorway mats and cake stands are all great items to look for in this price point!


 [Creme De La Creme Porcelain Trinket Tray] [Gold Faceted Highball Glasses] [Blossom Crystal Bowl][Throw Blanket][Monogram Doormat] [Marble & Wood Cake Stand] [More]



Do you have a go-to gift that you love to give a friend?

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