Best Spring Event Dresses Under $120


Hey guys!

There’s just something about spring that I love. Maybe it’s that the sun is out longer, or more birds in the trees, or just bright green everywhere, but I love it! Here in Edmonton it’s still snowing periodically, but you can feel spring coming still. The sun is warm now, melting snow and ice to make way for green grass and tree buds in April and May.

With spring often comes invitations to early weddings, bridal showers and if you’re lucky, a baby shower or two! I find these days a lot of events are much more informal, you’re well dressed in a nice pair of jeans and a pretty top, but for some only a nice dress will do. And that’s ok! It’s always fun to dress up every now and again, but if you have multiple special events, it can get pretty expensive quickly.

My tips for keeping it affordable are:

#1. Always make sure you can wear the dress for multiple things. I try to make sure that I can wear the dress either casually on the weekend or more formally to the office with a blazer or cardigan if I’m buying one for an event. It’s just not smart shopping if you can only wear it one way.

#2. Always keep it $100-120 and under. If it’s $100 but needs $70 worth of alterations, it’s not really $100, is it?

#3. If it’s not $120 with alterations and versatile, it is the only dress you buy for the season. I find this 100% curbs the shop impractically urge and makes you really evaluate if that “super cute dress” is what you really need.



AQUA Bell Sleeve A-Line Dress – 100% Exclusive • Aqua •

Women’s Charles Henry Woven Shift Dress •

Bardot Gemma Lace Halter Dress • Bardot •

Women’s Wayf Blouson Midi Dress • WAYF •

Women’s Donna Morgan Lace Shift Dress • Donna Morgan •

Women’s Maggy London Print Fit & Flare Dress • Maggy London •

Bar III Floral-Print Sheath Dress, Only at Macy’s • Bar III •

Women’s Eci Floral Print Midi Dress • ECI •

Charles Henry Bell Sleeve Shift Dress •

BB Dakota Laselle Cherry Blossom Printed Wrap Dress • BB Dakota •

NBD X Naven Twins Ask Me Out Mini Dress • NBD •

**Paper Dolls Pink Pleat Kimono Dress • Paper Dolls •

endless rose Long Sleeve All Over Lace Dress • Endless Rose •

Embroidered-Trim Fit-and-Flare Dress • Banana Republic •


Do you have any special events coming up? I’d love to hear what you’re wearing!

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