Veggie Pizza



The other day I was totally jonesing for pizza BUT I didn’t have any traditional pizza fixings and I wasn’t about to pay for one (even though I live right next to an amazing pizzeria). So I kinda scrounged around in my freezer and fridge and came up with this! This is 100% not an affordable meal at a whopping $5.89 (yes, nearly 2$ more than I try to spend per day!), but it was delicious and pre-jobloss so I felt okay about it at the time. This is also a much more healthy option as the flatbread I used was actually a Flatout protein flatbread, which is super healthy when compared to other options. I priced this out using a PC Collection flatbread from Superstore, though, in case the flatouts are not available in your area. But, it’s worth checking it out to see if they are because just one of the protein flatbreads is 12g of protein and 40% of your dietary fibre for the day… and all just for 130 calories and 18 grams of carbs (10g of which being that fibre I mentioned). I like this because I quite often don’t purchase meat.


Veggie Flatbread Pizza

I ate the whole thing, and it cost me $5.89… no shame

Flatbread – $2.50

1/2 of a bell pepper – ~$0.90

Swiss Chard (~1/2 a bundle) – $1

Goat Cheese (~1/3 of a log) – $1.49

Pantry items: salt, pepper, thyme and olive oil


Start by preheating your oven to 375, then slice your bell pepper and toss into a pan on medium heat on the stove with a bit of thyme and olive oil. Wash up your swiss chard and chop it into small sections while those pepper slices cook down. Once your peppers are getting soft, take them out and then add in the swiss chard to the hot pan to wilt.


Next, drizzle a very small amount of olive oil over your flatbread and then sprinkle with more thyme. I used fresh thyme, but I think dried would work just as well. Then, I arranged my swiss chard and peppers using tongs since they were still hot from the pan and crumbled a generous amount of goat cheese over top.


Last step, I popped my flatbread in the oven. I left mine in there for about ten minutes to soften the cheese and crisp up the flatbread. The flatbreads will get nice and crisp if you don’t over-do the toppings and make sure they’re decently cooked before putting them on (if undercooked, the natural water that comes out in the cooking process will come out on the pizza, making it soggy- that’s why the peppers and chard are presauteed).


And enjoy! I had this with a glass of white wine and didn’t feel guilty at all about having a wine and pizza extravaganza on a random worknight. What is your favorite way to feel like you’re indulging when you’re really not? Let me know!

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