Fall Fashion Updates



So I recently said in my post about my favorite fall nail colors that I have a super neutral, basic wardrobe because I can’t afford the cost of dressing super seasonally. I thought it would be worth writing a post about how I swap out certain things in my wardrobe and affordable suggestions should you wish to do the same! Everything is linked to the retailer (Boohoo, Dynamite, Joe Fresh, Old Navy) and under $100, I promise. All you have to do is click the picture and you’ll be taken to the retailer. All of these are mostly casual items as I know not everyone works in a formal environment, but I’ll be doing a similar post for work wear, don’t you worry my office girls!

1. Work your weights

No, I’m not telling you to go to the gym, I’d never do that. I’m suggesting you switch up that light sweater for a thicker (and maybe longer) option! In the fall I like to wear open cardigans because it can swing from -2 Celcius to +20 in a single day here in Edmonton. In the morning, I’ll often wear mittens, a hat and a thick scarf with a thick sweater to walk to the bus. In the afternoon, I ditch everything but the sweater. I almost always choose a black or grey to make sure that I can wear this with any outfit I like.
Dynamiteclothing.com, OPEN CARDIGAN SWEATER WITH POCKETS, $59.95

2. Wear your jeans

Every fall I tell myself I’ll just wear tights with my casual dresses and that’ll be fine for fall since I’m not the biggest fan of pants. Until I freeze my butt off one morning and inevitably decide to wear nothing but old man sweatpants allllll winter. Don’t be like me. Well actually, be like me because I just got a new pair of jeans! This is a great time of year to invest in a gorgeous dark wash to wear from errands to a dinner date. You won’t see me pursuing distressed, colored or light wash jeans unless I’m feeling super flush, because a good dark wash or black pair can be worn with any outfit, making the cost per wear much more compelling.
Dynamiteclothing.com, KATE HIGH RISE MEDIUM WASH SKINNY JEANS, $49.95
Joefresh.com, BLACK LOW RISE JEGGING, $34

3. Layer Obsessively

I must have 30 white t-shirts. Some loose, some tight, some thick, some thin. I’m the goldilocks of white tees. You’d think I’d be rolling around in white t’s and jeans all the time but that’s actually not the case! I layer with tshirts to add warmth to thin knits, over camisoles and with thicker sweaters. While I have eighty million, I’d say about 90% of those tshirts were accumulated while finding my perfect white tshirt. No link here, just head to Dynamite and shop their basics section!
I hope this gives you some ideas (and online shopping guilty pleasure) to update your wardrobe to stay cosy, stylish and happy this fall without breaking the bank. Let me know how you’re updating your wardrobe this year!

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