White Chicken Chili


Hey guys!

Recently my sister and I had the BEST dinner together, she found The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for white chicken chili in a crock pot and loved the idea of it, but she’s just not a crock pot kind of girl.

I know. We are really related, despite this.

If you’d like to have white chicken chili that comes together in an hour including prep, check out this recipe!

Fast White Chicken Chili

$16.66 for 6 or $2.78 per serving

Ground Chicken- $2.50 (to save $, I recommend using the frozen uncooked tubes like Superstore offers– you’re looking at saving quite a bit of money, $2.50 will see you adding 1 pound of ground meat)

1 box chicken stock- ~$2.00

2 cans of chopped green chilis- $4.36

3 bell peppers (chopped)- $6.12

2 onions (chopped)- $0.30

4-5 ribs of celery (chopped)- ~$0.60

1 jalapeno, tiny chop- $0.33

2 cups of corn- ~$0.45

Pantry Essentials: Olive oil, 1 tablespoon ground cumin, 1 tablespoon ground coriander, 2 teaspoons dried oregano, 1/2 teaspoon paprika, 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes, one minced garlic clove

So instead of stewing chicken breast fillets in the crock pot all day like Ree Drummond’s recipe, we took ground chicken and sautéed it really quickly while chopping the veggies.

We added in those chopped veggies next, which it’s important to note that we chopped them pretty small so they’d cook quickly. After the veg started softening down, we added the spices, then the stock. Unlike the dry beans in the original recipe, we added drained but NOT rinsed white beans- don’t rinse them, because the aquafaba is what’s going to thicken the chili.

The chopped green chilis went in last, then we let it aggressively bubble for about 30-45 minutes to reduce down, thicken and get delish. Your last item is to add the frozen corn, it’ll pretty much immediately thaw and warm through because you have boiling chili on your hands.

Now, the original recipe had suggestions for garnishing the chili like shredded cheese and sour cream, but we left it as-is and enjoyed with some bread I had baked the night previous. It was so good, very healthy and I’d love to make a big batch to freeze!


Do you have a white chicken chili you love to make? I’d love to hear what spices you put in- that’s my favorite part of chili!

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