Back to College Essentials with Walmart!





Hey guys!

I am SO excited to share with you today my back to college essentials in collaboration with Walmart! Some of you who have been following me from the beginning may know that I had an extended course of study in college, obtaining a certificate, diploma and degree over a 7 year time period. Being in college has been a huge part of my adult life- the first place I wrote professionally, where I became and honed my skills as a people-manager, where I discovered my love of math and -maybe most importantly- where I developed my love for the polytechnic I now also work for.

It’s safe to say that in those seven years, some of which I was a full time student and working full time in the finance industry, I developed some tips and tricks for how to design a study space that works and how to prepare a well-stocked backpack.

My back to college essentials include:



Homey decor for your study space like the fun heart shaped frame I shared

A cozy hoodie to keep you warm when you’re studying, as well as a warm blanket and fuzzy slippers.

A binder that velcros or snaps closed, and dividers with a pocket for important papers

Snacks to keep in your backpack (so you’re not buying ten donuts a week #guilty), tea for a quick pick-me-up, and a water bottle!


One of the best parts of shopping at Walmart, aside from being able to get everything in one place, is that if you forget to pick something up, you can just use the Walmart app to order what you forgot!

What do you think is absolutely essential for back to college? Let me know in the comments below!


This video was produced in collaboration with Walmart #ad and some links may be affiliate. As always, I only give recommendations that are true to my experiences and preferences as an individual consumer. 

I’d like to thank my videographer, Bridgette Tsang for her assistance and technical expertise. 


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