Beet Salad


Anyone who follows me on Instagram probably remembers this little snap of a salad I whipped up the other day, which was just too delicious to not share. This isn’t a cheap dinner, but it sure was delicious. For a less hungry person, this could serve two, but I kept it as a single serving on price since that’s how I ate it.

Beets and Greens Salad

$3.23 per serving

~1 Large Beet- $0.57

~1/3 of a large container of mixed greens – $1.46

~1/8 of a large container of feta- $0.88

1/3 of a can of cannellini beans- $0.32

Pantry Staples for dressing- olive oil, lemon juice, dijon mustard, salt and pepper (remember to salt and pepper liberally since the beans etc are a very blank slate. Go harder on the pepper and lighter on the salt due to the feta.)


Start off by washing your lettuce and using it as the base of your salad in a large bowl. Rinse your beans and place them on ~1/3 of the lettuce. Next, crumble your feta up the center. After that, slice up your beets and put them on the remaining 1/3.


Your next step is to build your vinaigrette. Start with a healthy squeeze of dijon mustard, then a good splash of lemon juice, then top with roughly 1/3 of olive oil. When I make this salad this size as a meal, I aim for about 2 ounces of dressing total. The good news is, if you undershoot it, you can just make more since you’re in charge of the dressing. 20160516_172604

When you’re done making that dijon vinaigrette, pour it on top of your salad and dig in! (Maybe with a bib on… beets stain!)


What’s your favorite meal salad?

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