Affordable Fitness Wear

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of athletic wear. Most days, I go straight from business clothes to athletic wear, or my onesie. The point being, I own quite a bit of workout wear and it ranges from expensive (looking at you, LuluLemon) to super affordable! This post is a bit of a roundup of my favorite accessible and affordable workout wear- Old Navy, Joe Fresh and Walmart. Everything is linked.

All of these outfits are appropriate for hitting the trails, running some stairs or popping by the gym and cooling down after the fact. You’ll note that most outfits have a jacket or sweater- this is because I personally like to get outdoors when it’s cool at night.

Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh

While this option is the most expensive, I had to include it because of these super on-trend mesh insert leggings. Oftentimes I find going affordable is synonymous with plain basics, but this outfit proves that it doesn’t have to be! Plus, this is the only outfit with four items, keep that in mind.

1.Mesh Active Legging  2. Active Tank 3. Hooded Pullover 4. Active Stripe Cropped Tank


Walmart Athletic Works


Walmart wins for ultimate affordability this time! Plus, it is the only option for a sports bra in this post that has adjustable straps. Double win! This windbreaker is awesome because if you want some coverage for a chance of showers or mad wind, you have it, but it’s unlined and light color so if it’s sunny out still you aren’t melting.

1.Medium Impact Bra 2. Performance Legging 3. Windbreaker


Old Navy

Old Navy

Coming in a mere 55 cents more expensive than Walmart, Old Navy is a great choice not only for their selection, sizing and quality, but because they have a massive 30% off sale online only right now! Shipping is free on all orders over $50, and returns are free so it’s a great option if you’re in the market for some workout wear!

1.Perforated Running Shorts 2. Maximum Support Sports Bra 3. “All Day Long” Tank



Where is your favorite place to get affordable workout wear?

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