Real Girl Review: Mikasa Makeup Brushes


Hey Guys!

So I have to be honest- I started testing and researching to write this post in AUGUST.

I know, it is now late December.

Makeup brushes are a tricky thing, though. I want to use them a bunch and wash them a bunch and force a friend or family member to try one or two (sorry to my sister) for a second opinion to make sure I’m not being biased. So, if I’m going to talk about a makeup brush, I’m going to spend the time to thoroughly check them out.

To be transparent, Mikasa Beauty reached out to me in August to offer me a discount and some free product, because they thought I might like their brand. A quick google search showed me that their brushes are affordable and the company is Canadian, two things I freaking love, and so I really wanted to try them out.

What I received was beautifully packaged and well constructed brushes at a great pricepoint. I ordered the 8 Piece Complete Face Set, which costs $90 and includes a concealer brush, powder brush, blush brush, angled blush brush, contour brush, foundation brush, duofibre finishing brush, and a lip brush.

My favorites from the set are the contour brush, angled blush brush, duofibre brush and the powder brush. To be honest, I have yet to use the concealer brush, foundation brush or lip brush- they’re just not my thing. That being said, the contour brush ($16), angled blush brush ($17), duofibre brush ($18) and powder brush ($21) only cost $81 to purchase individually if that’s all you’re interested in like me it’s maybe not the best deal, but if you DO like a domed blush brush, paddle style foundation brush, lip brush and concealer brush, it’s a great deal!

When it comes to the durability and quality, having had the brushes for a few months now, I think it’s safe that I say they wash really well- no fallout of bristles, and they reform nicely if you lay them flat. No bristle loss thus far at all, really!

The other item I tried out was the lemon drop sponge, which Mikasa was gracious enough to send to me for consideration. I really liked this sponge- I’ve always enjoyed the Beauty Blender and the Real Techniques sponge, as I love the finish a sponge allows for applying foundation and concealer, and how fast and flawless the application can be. This sponge didn’t disappoint- the only difference I would say is less precise under-eye blending due to the larger tip, and increased bounciness (which I actually like). I definitely recommend at $11.

Now here’s a great thing- Mikasa has an affiliate program that allows me to offer you a 25% off coupon code HAYBYERS25. I receive 15% commission on the items that are purchased using my coupon code, so if you’re uncomfortable with that, please don’t use it. But if you are and want to try out some brushes, use the code and get 25% off!


Do you have a favorite makeup brush line? Let me know about it!

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