Affordable Christmas Decorating


Hey Guys!

I know this seems a bit late to be discussing decorating for the holidays, but:

a. We all have a last minute gathering that comes up and if your house isn’t decorated people can look at you like you’re some sort of scrooge, even if it’s after Christmas.

b. Christmas decorations go on sale this time of year!

So don’t judge me, ok?

My favorite place to start looking at decorations is the dollar store. I have some examples in photos below, but great things to find there are inexpensive ornaments to decorate your tree with, or to fill a hurricane vase with to make an easy and affordable centerpiece. Ornaments can be really expensive but there are so many ways to cut down the expense and still have an awesome outcome.


I also picked up the packaging I used for my Christmas baking gifts at the dollar store! They have such cute options that make packing up a baked gift so easy and fun. I also loved their hard-sided wine bottle carriers!


Another thing to keep in mind is to not get pigeon holed into thinking you’ll only find great wrapping or decorating items at certain stores. I found these twenty tree ornaments, for $13 at Shoppers Drug Mart! I also found a ribbon and bow pack for my sister that ended up being 77 cents. Like what?


When it comes to sales, I say focus on the big things- are you without a Christmas tree, or are you wanting some garland or a wreath for next year? Now is the time! Stores like Canadian Tire have some trees, wreaths and garland on for 50% off! To be able to get nine feet of premium garland for $15 is great, and purchasing a quality imitation allows you to save money year over year from purchasing live garland, wreaths or trees. Plus it is much easier for your guests with allergies.

Here is my holiday home tour on Youtube! What are your tips for keeping holiday decorating affordable? Let me know!

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