Cous Cous Salad

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This easy multi-meal salad is perfect for when it’s hot out since you don’t need to really “cook” anything. You just need to wash your veggies, boil the kettle, and you’re good to go. This version isn’t vegetarian, but you could easily remove the chicken to make it vegetarian, or add a vegan cheese to make it vegan. When I’m making this salad, I keep everything separate until the end and then arrange the toppings because I love how it looks, but if you are in a rush just dump in as you go!

Mediterranean Cous Cous Salad

$6.81 for four, or $1.70 per serving
1 cup cous cous – $0.44
one can of chick peas – $0.77
one tomato – $0.85
half of a cucumber – $0.38
the juice and zest of one lemon – $0.87
salt, pepper, oregano and olive oil
feta (or vegan option to your preference) – ~$1 (depending on how much you like)
one cooked and cooled chicken breast (optional) – ~$2.50 depending on source (mine were from Costco)
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Step 1: Boil your kettle to get 1.5 cups of boiling water to pour over your cous cous in a large bowl (it grows). Once you’ve poured that over, cover the bowl with a lid or saran wrap for ten minutes (while we prep everything else)
Step 2: Wash your tomato, lemon and cucumber. Dice the tomato and cucumber and set aside for later
Step 3: Zest your lemon (either into the bowl of cous cous if you’re a slow chopper like me, or onto a plate), and then squeeze its juice into a mixing cup. Add an equal amount of olive oil, a lot of dried oregano, a binch of salt and generously add pepper. Once you mix this, it will be your dressing! Don’t worry if it seems like a lot, this is dressing quite a bit of cous cous (which is a blank slate flavor-wise) and veggies.
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Step 4: Take your meat option (if you’re having one) and cut it into bite-sized pieces and set aside
Step 5: Take your desired amount of feta and crumble it onto a plate
Step 6: Rinse your can of chick peas under cold water
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Step 7: Assembly time! I like to put my toppings on in lines, and then drizzle my mixed dressing over the top!
This salad will usually make 3-4 meals for me, as there is both chick peas and chicken in it. What are your favorite no-cook meals?


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