A Not-So Fitnessy Friday



It’s been a full ten days since my last post here on the blog, and honestly everything screeched to a halt in my life about a week and a half ago.

My roommate came home to tell me that she was moving out, with two days notice, because she had lost a significant portion of her income. I don’t think she knew at the time what day of the month it actually was, so I offered to let her stay an extra few days. Partly to be kind, and partly because I didn’t want my house to be a three ring circus for 48 hours. Unfortunately, for 3 out of the five days she had to move out, I didn’t see or notice a ton of action. On the fourth day, I came home to find some decently significant damage to my home.


Deep gouges in my stairwell…


…damaged door casings…


…and a stub wall that was not only damaged in the paint, but the millwork too. Believe it or not, when you take a chunk out of an MDF mantle… it’s not that easy (or cheap) to fix properly.



I was so mad at that point that I told her she was no longer welcome in my home without supervision (it was past the end of the month by two days, so she was on charity time anyhow). I told her when I’d be home for the remainder of the week, and when she failed to come and get her poop in a group, I started to do it for her. Thursday night I packed down to the garage (which I told her I wouldn’t change the code for so she could get it during the day on Friday before her final appointment to grab her hanging clothes and food) everything that she hadn’t moved out yet other than her clothes, including furniture. I had to call a friend to help essentially make sure she moved out before I went even more grey.

Friday evening rolled around and I came home from work to find she hadn’t taken a thing. She blew past our 4pm meeting time and I was having guests over for dinner, and she was expecting to just come and go as she pleased. I had had enough. I took her clothes downstairs as well and when she arrived with her boyfriend, I told them to hurry up. Them moving the speed of snails on downers was only making me angrier and she was supposed to already be out.


Finally, though, she was gone. Over five hours after the deadline I gave her, and partially moved by me (ok, the majority was done by me), but she was gone.

Saturday was my mum’s birthday, although it was a bit overtaken by some concern for a family member as well. This week has been busy with work and work related stress, as well as my dad’s birthday. My spare time was basically cleaning up the mess she had left behind and studying for a work exam. My sister finally got her house, too!

So why am I telling you (and showing you) all of this? Life is real. My life is as real as anyone else’s life and sometimes things come up that get in the way of the best laid plans. And when your plans get ruined and the sky is kinda opening up on you, you do a shot of sambuca and put on your big girl pants.




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