Cheap Eats: Beef Tacos


Recently I spent a Saturday afternoon processing a ton of vegetables for the upcoming week, working, doing grocery shopping and other regular people tasks and realized at 5pm that I hadn’t made anything for dinner. This left me with two options:

a. What can I eat from my meals I just made, even though that would mess up my schedule?

b. What can I whip up from what I’ve got around?

It really became a question at that point of how hangry I was. My hanger level was low and my nobody was home so it was safe to scrounge up my dinner. Thankfully, I had recently bought some ground beef (which is pretty rare for me!) and made it into taco/nacho meat and frozen it in servings, so I brought that out to thaw a bit while I figured myself out. The rest of this meal came from things I just normally have around. This isn’t a supercheap meal, but it was delicious and easy to pull together.

Beef Tacos


Serves 1 for $2.40 


1/4 Cup of ground beef – ($0.84)

3 Medium size flour tortillas  ($0.67)

Half an avocado – ($0.30)

1/4 of a diced roma tomato ($0.25)

1 tablespoon salsa con queso – ($0.29)

1 tablespoon salsa – ($0.05)

(You can use pantry staples such as chili powder and cayenne to season your meat like I did, or if you’re feeling fancy, purchase a flavoring packet. It’ll work out to an increase of 15 cents per serving if you go that route.)


The first item is to cook your beef. Pop it in a skillet or electric frying pan on medium heat and start wiggling it into tiny bits and getting it browned. Once it is browned, add your seasoning and a half cup of water and let it continue to cook off. After this, I drain the fat off into an empty jar and let the meat cool to be processed for the freezer since I make it in batches of 5-10 meals. If you’re doing this at the same time you’re prepping dinner, put your tablespoon of salsa con queso in a bowl with your quarter cup of meat and stir them together. Set them aside.

Next, quickly dice up your roma tomato and half of an avocado. Set 3 tortillas on a plate and line 1/3 of your salsa con queso and meat mix on each one. Follow with tomato, then avocado, then garnish with a small dollop of salsa.

Enjoy! This is a truly easy and quick dinner, especially if you’ve got the meat already ready.

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