Easy Chicken Quesadillas



This recipe was born on one of those days where I was like, I want nothing to do with cooking, but I am STARVING and feed me now. I keep a lot of seemingly random things in my freezer, including chicken breasts, pre-sauteed peppers and onions, tortillas… you see where this was going, right?!

Rather than being a true recipe post, this is more of an example of how doing some pre-work and keeping your freezer well stocked will save you the money and hassle of having to eat out. I recently bought a flat of chicken breasts at Costco and my dad helped me out by barbecuing each and every one of them for me! Since I was at my parents place, they freeze wrapped them for me, but a simple freezer bag will do the trick as well.

I defrosted a pre-cooked chicken breast, a pre-sauteed package of peppers and onions, and pulled out four tortillas.HPIM0015HPIM0018

I sliced my defrosted chicken breast (it was barbecued with Montreal chicken spice) so that it would be easier to distribute along my quesadillas.


When it came time to assemble, I started with a bed of shredded tex-mex cheese, then chicken, then the peppers and onions mix, and lastly more cheese topped off with my other tortilla.


I popped my tortilla “sandwich” into a non-stick pan (ungreased) on medium heat and flipped them when my peeks at the bottom showed a brown spotting like below.


I then cut each quesadilla into fours and ate them with salsa to dip them in! I hope this post gives you a good idea of how pre-cooking some key items and keeping a well-stocked freezer can really save you time and money on those days where you’re starving and/or don’t want to cook.



I also wanted to quickly say thank you to everyone that takes the time to read these posts, comment, like my Instagram pictures, share my Facebook posts… it means the world to me and so do you!

Have a great Monday!

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