Easy Rice and Beans


This post is inspired by Clinton Kelly’s “Breakfast Beans and Rice” from a recent episode of The Chew. The Chew is one of those shows I just love to watch when I’m at my parents (they have alllll the TV channels) and my mum is especially careful to save me the episodes when they are doing specials on how to stretch a buck! I actually really appreciate that they do things like this because I often find the food in magazines and TV shows to be a bit unattainable. Clinton’s recipe came up in a segment about never wasting the last little bits of what you have in the fridge!

When I saw Clinton’s recipe, I immediately thought of this salsa from Sobey’s Our Compliments brand. My mum got me hooked on it because of it’s smoky chipotle flavor, and since I use a LOT less than traditional salsa, I feel less upset about the fact that it’s a bit more of a splurge item.  Since this was a dinner for me, I added a whole pepper to add in some veggie goodness, and some avocado for healthy fat (I used half of one because it was going bad but that was probably too much in actuality for a perfect yum ratio for the average person). If you’re scrounging in the fridge and pantry for a meal, don’t even worry about those two additions!

Easy Beans and Rice with Fried Eggs

$1.77 per serving or $7.09 to serve four

One orange pepper- $2.57

One can kidney beans- $0.97

Two Cups cooked rice- $0.84

Eight Eggs- $1.81

3 heaping tablespoons of salsa- $0.90

Pantry staples: chipotle powder, chili powder, cumin, olive oil, butter, salt and pepper



Start by washing a dicing your pepper and tossing it in a pan with a bit of olive oil. You want to soften this down quite a bit. It’s at this point that you’d add your chipotle powder, cumin and chili powder. This mix can take a decent amount (as shown) because it’s being mixed with some pretty bland rice and beans.


Once your pepper is about 1/2way softened, add in your rinsed red beans.


Continue warming and softening until your beans are hot and the peppers are soft. Then add your cooked rice and stir to mix.


At the point where your rice is in, add 3 heaping tablespoons of your salsa of choice into your rice and beans mix.


Turn your heat down to low and just keep this warm until your eggs are ready!


Honestly, just fry your eggs off however you like them. I like mine sunny side up and runny with loads of cracked black pepper, the yolk is like sauce and I like it.


Once you’re done, lay down a bed of your rice and beans, place 2 eggs on top of it, and then put your avocado slices on the side. You’re done!


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