Asparagus and Mushroom Hash with Fried Egg


Spring has sprung here in Edmonton and it always leaves me craving green things like salad and asparagus! This was a quick and easy meal that I made one night when I combined a side dish my mum makes with some yummy fried eggs. It’s decently affordable, but as anyone up here in the GWN knows, veggies don’t really go down in price until summer is in full swing. At a price tag of nearly three dollars per person, this is a luxury meal in my book.


Asparagus and Mushroom Hash with Fried Egg

Serves 2 for $5.88, or $2.94/ serving

1/2 a bundle of asparagus – $1.68

4 eggs – $0.90

3-4 button mushrooms – $1.27

1 tbsp Pine Nuts – $1.17

1 tbsp Parmesan – $0.86


Start by dicing up your mushrooms into a small size and sauteing on medium-high with olive oil, salt and pepper. Stir occasionally and let the mushrooms cook down.


While your mushrooms cook down, cut your asparagus into small chunks as shown.


Once your mushrooms are fairly well cooked down, add your asparagus and pine nuts. Stir occasionally and allow everything to cook down


Once your asparagus is nearly cooked (I just test this by eating a hunk), turn the heat off, sprinkle with your parmesan, and set a separate pan on high heat to quickly fry your eggs.


Once that pan is hot, add a pat of butter to it and melt to coat the surface.


Next, crack your desired number of eggs into the pan and season with salt and cracked black pepper.


If you’re finding that you are getting close with your eggs but the top isn’t firming up like you’d like it to, grab a small amount of water and put it in the pan, and then cover with a pot lid to steam it.


Plate your  hash first and top with your eggs. Enjoy!


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