Cheap Meals: Greek Inspired Chicken and Rice

Like a good kid of a mum that loves to feed people, I tell my mum what I’m eating pretty much every day. I’m just joking around really, this is a bit of a family tradition. When we were kids my dad traveled for business quite a lot but every night he would call and each of us would get a chance to talk to him and mum would always ask us questions about what we learned from him that day. We would always ask if he saw any animals while he was driving and what he ate for lunch and dinner. Now, it’s just a habit to tell my mum. (She asks too, I swear!)

Anyhow. Lately, about 80% of the time when we talk about what I’m eating, it’s this! To be honest, I got 4 pounds of ground chicken for 10$ which is about 15 meals of meat for me so that pretty much explains it, right? It’s the easiest meal to make, because I just brown my chicken up in my electric frying pan while my rice cooks, and I cool it all and put it in containers to freeze! Then when I want to eat it, I make my home made Greek yogurt dip (I’m not about to offend a Greek by calling it tatziki, it’ll be in an upcoming post), cut up a mini cucumber and wash some cherry tomatoes.

One of the nice things about this affordable meal is how healthy it is as well. Done in the proportions I used (.75 cups of cooked rice and half a cup of meat, with a quarter cup of sauce) it’s approximately 386 calories. This is just an estimation because a scale will tell you the truth on how much chicken and rice you’re really eating (if you pack the cup measure vs. loose fill).


Greek Inspired Chicken

$2.88 per serving

Mini Cucumber – $0.50

10 grape tomatoes- $0.97

Chicken- $0.71

Rice- $0.21

Greek yogurt- $0.49

Pantry items: garlic, oregano, salt and pepper


  1. Get your ground chicken into an electric frying pan. I love mine because it is big enough to do large freezer batches of meat.20160309_182042
  2. Assemble your spices. In this recipe I kept it simple with just salt, pepper and oregano for my meat.20160309_182103
  3. While my meat gets going, I put my rice on to boil. I use basmati but it’s really not important what kind you make!
  4. I like to get my ground meat nice and crispy, breaking it apart into relatively small hunks. Ground meat like this should really not be ‘juicy’ by my mind, for fear of nasty stomach bugs. If we were adding a ton of oil or something, yeah, I could see it being less dry, but we’re not, so this meat should be dry and darker than you’d think for chicken- you want nice dark brown crispy bits to give it good texture.
  5. Once your meat is cooked, assemble your containers because your rice should also be done by now and it’s time to get your meals cooling to go into the freezer. I use a 3/4 cup measure for my rice and a half cup measure for my meat.20160309_183253

Once my measured out amounts have cooled, I pop them in the fridge to get good and cold, and then the freezer to be the perfect quick and healthy meal.


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