No Sugar Added Crock Pot Apple Sauce


Hey guys!

This post is one of those that is inspired by something I do so cheaply and enjoy so regularly that when I realized I had never written about it on here, I was 100% facepalming myself. Crockpot apple sauce is one of those things that my mom taught me and I appreciated at a minimal level until I ate plain dry oats one day (#desperation, save me) and then promptly bought a bag of apples the next weekend at the farmer’s market with my sister because that is just too gross to repeat twice in a lifetime.

Those that know me know that I have a really hard time with sugar. I love it, but it makes me terribly sick, and regularly because I have no self control. Making my own apple sauce is actually the perfect thing for me because apples are naturally sweet – especially cooked- and I add loads of cinnamon and no sugar.  I thought I would post this now since I have been seeing loads of apples on for a good price at the stores lately! I’m guessing that they want to clear out the less-than-optimal stock left over from the fall, which is actually perfect for this. When it’s the fall, I recommend you make nice with a fruit producer and request a bag of less-than-perfect’s (although you’ll have to fight the pie makers for them!).


We went on a suppppper nice weekend, can’t you tell?

No Sugar Added Crock Pot Apple Sauce

About $0.24 per serving for 1/2 cup (this really depends on how much you cook it down and how juicy the apples are, but it’s what it worked out to for me using a farmer’s market bag)

6lb bag of gala apples: $5.94 (this will yield about 16 cups diced apples)

pantry staples: cinnamon, a bit of water


Ok seriously this is mad easy. You’re going to want peel, core and dice up all of your apples and deposit them in your crock pot with about 2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon… but this is totally subjective. How much cinnamon do you like? Do that! Add it in later when you can taste the sauce, you do you! I like a medium level of cinnamon, for reference. I added  in about a cup of water at my mum’s advice, this helps the sauce not stick to the bottom as it first gets cooking and releasing the natural apple juices. It either evaporates or melds into the sauce so don’t worry about it.


Put your crock pot on high and come back every hour to stir your apples. Otherwise this is hands off until you mash those apple chunks! I kept a fork next to the crock pot and test smashed an apple chunk when I stirred the sauce and when it was soft and smooshed easily, I knew it was done.

I use this to make overnight oats amazing, quick cook plain oats with boiled water amazing, apple cinnamon muffins amazing…. it’s all delicious when you add 1/4 to 1/2 of a cup of this to it!

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What are your favorite ways to enjoy apple sauce? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to try some new recipes!.


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