Favorite Fall Boots



Hey Guys!


I wanted to share my must-have boots for fall. Obviously, I am not telling you to buy allll of these boots, I’m saying if you need a pair of boots, any of these could be a great option! Just click any picture for product information.




This first pair is the Aldo Arravia! My sister is going to be so proud of me, these are not black! I love the chunkier stack heel, I hate thin heels for outdoor shoes in the winter (yes, I have indoor shoes for the winter… suede and velvet don’t belong outside all the time necessarily, treated leather or vegan leather is way smarter). These would look amazing with jeans, with tights and a sweater dress… they’re just gorgeous. They’re decently tall with a non-grippy sole though, so not the best pick if you have to walk outdoors in the elements a bunch!



This next pair is a bit more realistic for people like me who have to walk outside but still want a bit more of a lift. I feel like this pair looks waaaay more luxe than its price tag with the dark black leather and gold hardware. The heel is low enough to walk with confidence as well. These would look amazing with work wear!



I love black. I love leather. I love flat shoes! It doesn’t get any better, really. I like to size  up in my “everyday” boots so I can layer thermal socks into a well-built waterproof exterior. This way I look great, and I’m warm.



These boots are beautiful for someone who can wear a more casual boot every day. The chestnut leather is absolutely gorgeous and the styling options are pretty diverse!



OK, I own these boots in two colors. They are my favorite fall boot, but they are suede so they’re better suited to drier climates or fall, or you can be like me and spray waterproof them. (To be clear, I use nubuck spray and then waterproofing spray, and repeat every 4-6 weeks.) In black, I can wear them to the office on a more casual day and the tan looks so good with casual clothes!

What boots can you not live without this year?


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