How to: Freezer Bacon and Cheese Egg Wraps

Hey all!
This post is about one of my favorite recipes for the freezer to date- bacon and cheese egg wraps!  Honestly, making up a bunch of these and freezing them for myself is one of the nicest things I’ve done for myself in a long, long time! It’s an awesome way to have a quick and easy breakfast that really satisfies you if you have a long morning of meetings or running errands. If you are a non-pork eater, you can easily substitute a turkey bacon alternative. I have even heard of vegan friends making tofu and veggie scramble and a non-lard tortilla (yes, a lot of traditional tortillas are made with lard but not so much for store bought).

The trick to executing this well and not having soggy tortillas is to cook everything and then cool it down to room temperature before assembling your wraps. This is also a LOT safer for food safety.

Bacon and Cheese Egg Wraps

$0.85 per wrap or $8.50 per ten

Tortillas – $0.29 per tortilla

Eggs- $0.23 per egg

Processed cheese slice – $0.15 per slice

1/2 a slice of bacon – $0.18

Pantry: hot sauce, pepper, salt


Start off by cracking one egg per wrap you plan on making. If you’re hungry in the morning, you can do 1.5 eggs per wrap as well, just do what works right for you!


Next, put in as much hot sauce as you like, half of your cheese slices and whisk!


Heat your pan up on medium-high and pour your eggs into the pan and cook them like you normally would your scrambled eggs.


Transfer your eggs to a plate to cool  so that they don’t overcook. While they cool down, create an assembly line- tortillas, have your fried slices of bacon cut in half, and your cheese slices in halves. Once your eggs are cooled, put 1/10th (or whatever fraction applies for how many you’re making) down on the tortilla, then put a half cheese slice, then your half bacon slice! Fold that baby up, put it in a baggie, and pop it in the freezer!


When I’m ready to eat these, I pull one out right before I leave for work. I let it defrost for 1 hour to two hours, then pop it in the microwave for 60-85 seconds. I pick my wrap up and use paper toweling to check there’s no condensation underneath it from heating, then cut it in half on a bias to make it easy to eat! Voila… the perfect breakfast on the go!


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