June 2016 Favorites!

Hey Guys!

I wanted to try something new and record a video for a post, and I thought a monthly favorites post would be great to test it out on. I tried to record this about a week ago and it was a miserable failure, so I recorded and uploaded to Youtube a second attempt which didn’t upload well (choppy), so here I am a bit (lot) late with a third attempt!

Beauty and Skincare:



True Match



Household Items:

Egg Carton (different)

Egg Carton (exact)

French Press (Similar)



Black Dress (similar, also Le Chateau and Canadian made)

Joe Fresh two layer top (exact)


Lastly, my book for the month! Please remember that if you buy this book, a copy goes to someone who is economically disadvantaged so please, please check out http://www.leannebrown.com/. ALSO, if you are in a tight place financially, you can DOWNLOAD the book for free!

Let me know what you think of this format! What were your favorite things last month?

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