Easy Flatbread



Today’s post is a quick and easy snack inspired by a restaurant dish I love! On this particular day I had been helping out at my sister’s new place all day and everyone was going to have a Famoso flatbread (seriously, check it out!) at my parent’s place afterward, but I really needed to get home and get ready for the week. So, my mum helped me assemble all of the required ingredients to make something similar myself!

This recipe isn’t an exact dupe- it uses flatout flatbreads (something my mum found at Safeway and I’m now obsessed with) and I wasn’t in the mood to make my own tatziki so I used a pre-packaged hummus. Since most of these ingredients were actually my mum’s (I think she felt a bit bad I had helped all day and wasn’t going to be there for the fun post-work snack), the costing is a bit of an extrapolation- you can also use pitas for the base, which is what I used to work out the cost.

This is great to make up if you’re going to have a guest or are having a light supper of a salad.

Mediterranean Flatbread with Hummus

$1.71 for one flatbread

One pita- $0.58

~1 tablespoons crumbled feta- $0.54

Fresh Thyme (~1-2 sprigs)- $0.20

2 tablespoons hummus- $0.38

Pantry essentials: minced garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper


To make your flatbread, start by first preheating your oven on bake to 350. Then, line a baking sheet with foil.


One you place however many pitas or flatbreads you’d like to make on the pan, lightly brush or drizzle the bread with olive oil. You want it well dispersed and not soggy, so don’t be afraid to mix it around with your fingers. Next, distribute your minced garlic evenly around the flatbread. Sprinkle your feta, then your thyme leaves above that. Lastly, add a bit of ground pepper and kosher salt to top it all off and pop it into the oven.


I didn’t measure how long this took to be honest. I just stared at it through the window of my oven and wondered when it would be ready. It’s ready when your feta is melty and the bread base is crispy when you tap it with a metal tong or fork. (Highly scientific, eh?)


Once it’s cool enough to touch, cut it into strips and serve with your hummus!


What is your favorite fancy snack?

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