Easy Tatziki

Do you remember this post where I said I eat my chicken and rice with fresh, home made tatziki? Here’s a reminder:


What I didn’t tell you in that post is how I make my own tatziki for a lot more of an affordable price than purchasing it in the store. My favorite store bought tatziki is definitely the President’s Choice Traditional Tatziki, but it is $5.89 for about 1.5 cups (484grams). In this post I’m going to show you how I make the same amount at home in about 5 minutes, for only $2.


Easy Tatziki

$2, or $0.40 a serving

1/3 of a container of 0% greek yogurt: $1.27

2 cloves of garlic: $0.17

1/3 of a long english cucumber: $0.48

A few sprigs of dill (optional, but recommended): $0.07


Start off by putting about a third of your container of greek yogurt into a mixing bowl. Wash up your dill.


Next, tear your dill into small pieces, and then grate your cloves of garlic and cucumber into the bowl above it. Don’t worry about there being quite a bit of cucumber juice. This will water the mix down so that it is easy to dip veggies, flatbread or chicken in!


Once everything is in the bowl, give it a good stir around! It’s really that easy and is like getting your tatziki 65% off, every time!



Do you have a favorite cost saving kitchen hack? I’d love to hear about it!

One thought on “Easy Tatziki

  1. Ooh that’s really simple, going to try that when I get my kitchen back. We make a lot of homemade pesto which is better than store bought and so much tastier and fresher 🙂


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