Hi All,

It’s an odd world, setting up a new blog so I thought it was worth explaining what the Broke Girl Blog is all about.

A couple months ago, my former fiance and I set out to find a place to live. Through a stroke of genius and generosity my parents were able to figure out a way for us to purchase a home and start building equity, rather than our original plan to rent.

Fast forward to mid-August 2015… my fiance and I end things.

The house is still on the way, just in my name only.

What was originally going to be comfortably tight and sustainable with 2 people is now less-comfortable and lagged along by little ol’ me. Life goes on, and a good opportunity is a good opportunity. My home will be ready on September 29th and this is a chronicle of how I’m going to make it work, one broke-girl decision at a time.

20150809_124900 20150809_124807 20150809_123336

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